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Institute of Applied Dermatology
Add: Nayaks Road

Kasaragod - 671121
Tel : 91-4994-230116
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Contact Person : Dr. K.S. Bose
Purpose : Health systems research and development .
Aim/Objective/Mission : To carry the charitable and public good activity of prevention and curing, treating, assisting and educating public at large in relation to the problems and diseases of skin, sexually transmitted diseases, aids, leprosy and related sciences to dermatology and other branches of dermatology.
To carry the activity of research and development with a view to invent, improve, promote and advance the medicines, methods and equipments of treatments, study, knowledge in the field of applied, epidemiological, basic, bioengineering biotechnological, advanced and other sections of skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, aids, leprosy and other related sciences to dermatology including allopathy, ayurveda unani, sidha, homeopathy and other traditional system of life as a preventive medicine and therapy and other branches of dermatology by establishing research facilities, laboratories, test centers, study centers and to carry out comprehensive and sustainable activities in all sphere of dermatology by incorporating the knowledge, technological know how, methodology and design from other disciplines of science as bioscience, biotechnology, botany, chemistry, cryogenics, entomology, leprosy, ophthalmology, paediatrics, pathology, pharmacology & pharmaceutical sciences, photo biology, physics, psychiatry and radio biology in an integrated manner and multi-centric basis in national and international level by the way of constructive networking and interaction with the experts, individuals, departments of dermatology and related disciplines, universities, companies, firms or other statutory recognized bodies to carry out research with adequate controls, sound methodology and experimental design with definite conclusions to throw light on its practical usefulness and to achieve greater impact of studies in lesser cost and time, solely or in collaboration with others.
To establish solely or with others, patient support organisations, patient advocacy groups, educational institutions, conduct courses, establish libraries, publish and distribute souvenirs, journals, books, educational materials, conduct conferences, seminars, lectures and other programmes to publicize the activities of the institute and distribute the benefits there of to dermatologists and specialists in related sciences to improve and advance their knowledge and skill and for the benefit of and to improve the awareness of public in relation to skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, aids, leprosy and related sciences to dermatology and other branches of dermatology.

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